Monegi Multi Viewer (MMV)

The Monegi Multi Viewer is a piece of software included in the official Nintendo 64 SDK CD. Its purpose is to provide an interface that a developer can use for real-time editing of elements inside a ROM while the console is on.


MMV interface

MMV Compatibility

Monegi Mlti Viewer can be used with three different bits of software:

  • Monegi Smart Pack A,B,C
  • Partner-N64
  • IS-Viewer64

So if you don’t have any of this hardware (and a cable to connect it to your PC), it’s pretty much useless.

Possible use for the Monegi Multi Viewer

Even though there isn’t much use for this tool without the corresponding hardware, there might still be a use for it for converting files into a N64-readable format. It goes something like this:

  • Click on this icon to open the file setting window:
  • Select the file type from the dropdown list (eg .bmp or .rgba) and the converter will fill itself. Don’t know much about other formats.
  • Under ‘Options for Converter’, the text field should be filled with:
    -s 16 -f RGBA -o > <
  • After the > sign is where the output goes, and the < sign indicates an input.

This is where I get stuck and cannot derive any more utility from the program since pressing OK does nothing.


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