Goldeneye pause menu on an Android Watch

A quirk that I really like in certain games is pause menus. Weird, isn’t it? For example, the Banjo Kazooie pause screenwith the light music being played in the background or the Super Smash Bros the allows you to zoom in and look at the characters and so and so forth. The one I’m sure most people remember is the one in Goldeneye which zooms into his watch and it shows all the mission objectives, health, weapon info etc in the style of, well, a James Bond movie. Well, now it’s possible to have it all in real life sans the imminent gunfire with an app for your Android watch.

Developed by Rmuk Apps, the Secret Agent Android watch app allows you to see the time, view your battery life on what were the blue bars on the Nintendo 64 game of Goldeneye. The red bars represent the progress pedometer goals you have set for the day. Simple, but just about all you’ll need in a watch.

Note that the app is titled ‘Secret Agent Watchface’, probably to not get legally slaughtered in court. But we all know that what they were intending to do.

Android Watch Interface


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Ever wanted to feel like you were playing Goldeneye in real life? Well now you can... Almost simulate the game by having this in your Android watch.
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