FreezeMe now has a “N64” Setting

I’ve been a bit reluctant to talk about FreezeMe for quite a while now. I’ve read a few articles about how this game is going to be a platforming game in the style of those on the Nintendo 64, but that’s not really N64 enough to warrant an article on N64 Squid. However, the makers of FreezeMe, Rainy Night Creations, have decided to include a mode in their game where you can change the output to simulate playing it on an old CRT television. Let’s have a look:

FreezeMe’s N64 setting

[Video has been made private]

This mode will add a few things to take the picture quality back fiftenn years including rounding out the corners, lowering resolution and even putting in some scan lines. Now, this is only a graphical filter for the game, so it wont affect gameplay at all. It seems like a cute little gimmick, catering to those of us that love that era in videogames. I think for the most part, people will give the mode a try but get fed up pretty quickly and switch back to the usual HD output.

One thing I’d love to try is setting the mode on, downscaling the signal and then playing the game on an actual CRT television. That would be some meta shit right there.

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The PC/Wii U game FreezeMe will now be including a mode where you can simulate the look of an N64 on a CRT television right on your 1080p LED screen.
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