Wireless N64 controller available soon

E3 surely is a great time for all of the gaming world. You get to see all the cool new games that are coming out, and you get to see the cool old things that are coming out. At this year’s E3, there was a booth hosted by Innex Inc. that had a variety of little things that were cool. For example, there was a giant NES controller that people could play Super Mario Bros on, a new Sega Genesis/Mega Drive clone and of course a prototype of a wireless bluetooth Nintendo 64 controller.

It looks like this controller has a standard N64 joystick, I would have liked to see them update it with a more robust Gamecube style joystick but you can’t get it it. Maybe they might even be exchangeable if they have the same ‘guts’ as the classic controller.


Now this is really cool, if there is a working release of this, I’ll be sure to go ahead and get one when it comes out. Depending on the price, of course.

Not much is know about it at this time, I tried to contact them via Twitter about the price and release date but got no reply so far.

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Looks like there might be a wireless n64 controller in the making by Innex Inc. As much as I love the wired controller, it's great to give people a choice.
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