Top 5 N64 Games from Midway We’d Love to see on the Wii U’s VC

Guest post by Midway was a key player in the Nintendo 64’s prime, bringing our Arcade favorites back home.

Midway’s lineup once ruled the Arcade scene in the USA, you couldn’t go to a Fuddruckers without a Cruis’n USA, Hydro Thunder, or San Francisco Rush cabinet in its lineup. The Wii U has seen a resurgence in Nintendo 64 releases on its Virtual Console service recently, F-Zero X being the latest addition. While some storied N64 franchises like Banjo-Kazooie and Goldeneye 007 might never arrive with the loss of Rare, what about 3rd parties from our past?

In today’s edition of ‘Top N64 Games We’d Love to see on the Wii U’s VC’, we take a look at the genre defining Midway.

1) Rampage World Tour

The 90s original coin-muncher, there hasn’t been a game that combined satire, instant gratification and just plain old-fun gameplay like Rampage World Tour. If there ever was a game that gave the player the power this was it. As one of George, Lizzie, or Ralph it’s your job to go around wrecking everything in sight. Occasionally, going full monster-mode and lobbing tourists for an extra health powerup. It was simple, daring, and instantly made you wanna grab a controller and join the fun.

2) Cruis N’ USA

Along with Cruis N’ World and Cruis N’ Exotica, we’d love to see any iteration of the Cruis N’ series return, but if we only got one on the Wii U…. We’d go with the original that started it all. There was always something charming about Cruis N’ USA, it gave a real sense of speed akin to Sega’s Outrun. Midway’s arcade hit came home by way of Developer Williams and Nintendo taking on Publishing rights themselves. Since Cruis N’ USA made it to the Wii’s virtual console, there’s definitely a chance, though the Nintendo Switch is now closing in. Throw in San Francisco Rush while we’re at it.

3) Mortal Kombat Trilogy

The one that threw the entire Mortal Kombat roster in after Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, this home exclusive release arrived on the scene with ninjas galore. Everyone from human Smoke to Cyborg Smoke is on the trilogy, so if you’re looking to pit Sub-Zero vs Rain, Scorpion Vs Ermac it’s on this cartridge. There were some sacrifices made on the Nintendo 64 release compared to its CD based competition. However, the fun remains the same, sans a few characters or not. Mortal Kombat Trilogy is an instant Midway classic.

4) Hydro Thunder

Everyone who played this title in its arcade prime remembers the announcers’ “HYDRO THUNDER” greeting you at the door. The booster powerups to your vehicle gave you a true sensation of acceleration and velocity. An arcade classic brought home on the Nintendo 64, you wanted to win each and every race on the water.

5) Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Featuring Michael Buffer himself on announcing duties, this boxing title was pure fun. A humorous roster, audio and fantastic controls, this title puts you right into the action. The Dreamcast iteration was the definitive edition of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing but we’d take any version on the Wii U’s Virtual Console and relive the magic again of an arcade-style classic.

There’s something to be said these days to just dive into gameplay with no longwinded explanations or cinematics. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing delievered where it mattered, fun universal gameplay.

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After dominating the arcade scene for a very long time, Midway should make its way to the Wii U Virtual Console. Let's see which games should make the cut.
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