Nintendo 64 ad: Project Reality promo

This promotional video for the Nintendo 64 really is something else. Technically it isn’t for the N64, but for its code name, making this a Project Reality promo instead.

And with an eye to the future, tomorrow begins today.

Nintendo, the world’s leader in video games has joined forces with Silicon Graphics, the world’s leader in visual computing. They introduce the most exhilarating, breathtaking, realistic 3D video entertainment ever witnessed: Project Reality.

Leagues beyond any currently available or anticipated hardware, Project Reality will bring to home video players the same types of visual effects seen in movies like Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park.

When this technology is made interactive, players wont just watch their TV screens, they’ll dive head-first right through them.

Just imagine it! Video entertainment that looks and sounds like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

The world that is like a dream come true. That sort of takes your imagination go way off.

This kind of stuff is just rocket, and it’s much better when it’s fast.

They’re fun, they’re cool.

I wanna play a video game that takes me anywhere I wanna go, and lets me be anything I wanna be!

Woooo, I lost my head!

It wouldn’t just look different, it would feel different.

Super-duper sound, yeah a lot of action, cool graphics.

We don’t just want to play the game, we want to be right inside them!

That may have felt like the 21st century, but these phenomenal effects will be dazzling our arcade game players this time next year. And by 1995, project reality will be a reality to all home players as well. No other system will offer this dimension of realism. No other manufacturer can promise this scope of play. With this marriage of game-making expertise and technical wizardry, home video entertainment just took on a whole new dimension.

I’m not exactly sure when this video was made, but since it’s using the code name for the console, it’s safe to assume that it’s before June 1994 which is when it was renamed to Nintendo Ultra 64. Furthermore, it says ” this time next year. And by 1995″ which implies that the video is from 1993. Probably August which is when Project reality was first announced.

Looking through the video, it seems unlikely that any of it had to do with how the N64 ended up. All it did was announce that Nintendo was teaming up with Silicon Graphics to develop their next project. None of the footage looked like it belonged in a Nintendo game.

What this project reality promo was is just a sample of visuals produced by Silicon Graphics hardware, with little care for whether it would be able to run on real video game console hardware. It’s strange that they didn’t even bother to show any renders of Nintendo characters like Mario or Starfox since that would really drive the point home that they were working together.

They do mention that it would make the graphics look like the CG from movies like Jurassic Park or Terminator 2, but that was a bold statement even back then. The graphics for movies will always look better than those in video games because movies have time on their side, they can take as long as they want to render a single frame. A video game on the other hand has to render 30 frames per second at a minimum.

The kids that they interviewed for the video likely were talking about some Silicon Graphics demos they saw rather than any real video game.

Overall, it’s a fun bit of history. The style of the Project Reality promo reeks of the early 90’s, and just for that it’s worth the watch.

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This Project Reality promo from 1993 showcases the power that Silicon Graphics hardware had at its disposal. AS to what it could realistically do on a console, not so much.
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