Get bonus coins for downloading Paper Mario

Get 250 coins for downloading Paper Mario on the N64

If your in the mood for some Nintendo 64 RPG fun and some extra club coins while you’re at it, then you’re in luck. Nintendo of America has announced that they will be giving buyers of Paper Mario (N64) a whole 250 coins for downloading it on the Virtual Console.

Now I must say that while this is great, there’s one little thing that bothers me. Nintendo has a wide range on the virtual console, and I’m all for them promoting those games. However, the Wii eshop is quite a hassle to get to from the Wii U. It’s kinda as if they tried to promote some game that you can only play on the Virtyal Boy or something.

Why not promote something different on the Wii U? Why not sell Paper Mario on the Wii U virtual console? Well, hopefully we’ll get to see that sometime soon.

The offer expires on the 3rd of August, along with an extra coin offer for other games: Kid Icarus (3D Classics), Metal Torrent and Donkey Kong Junior. I’m also unsure as to whether the offer works in Europe or not.

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Nintendo of America is giving away a whole bunch of bonus coins for downloading Paper Mario (64) on the Wii Virtual Console!
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