Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ played using an N64 by Seth Everman

A quick post today. About a month ago, Billie Eilish released ‘Bad guy’ on YouTube. To be honest, I’ve never heard of her before (not really my kind of music and I’m getting too old for this stuff).

A couple of weeks later, Youtuber Seth Everman dons a wig and made a cover of the song using household items, two of which are coming from the N64.

In the video, he uses the following items to make sounds:

  • Snap
  • Doing the dishes angrily
  • Nintendo 64 game that won’t start
  • Maybe tapping the (N64) console will work
  • Bass (on keyboard)
  • Melody (on keyboard)
  • Couch (slamming a pillow on it)
  • Speaking into fan

After all the instruments are set up, he plays a part of Lazytown’s ‘We are number one’ and then the video ‘glitches’ out.

The cover of ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish has a nice little reference to the N64 which is the last (popular) home console to use cartridges and thus has the most recent memory of being the one you blow into to make it work.

What other songs could be made using N64 hardware? Is it possible to emulate Bob-omb Battlefield by scratching the plastic casing? Maybe time will tell.

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Billie Eilish's 'Bad Guy' by Seth Everman uses Nintendo 64 hardware to produce some of its unique sounds. Let's have a look.
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