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Ever wonder what Nintendo 64 games James Rolfe has looked at, whether or not they were in his AVGN reviews, James and Mike Mondays or anything else? Well here you are, all AVGN N64 mentions:

AVGN Episode 51: Superman 64

In this episode, he reviews one of his most-requested games, the infamous Superman on the Nintendo 64. Let’s just say that he really hated it.

AVGN Episode 81: Castlevania Part III

Castlevania on the Nintendo 64 is the last of three games he reviews in this episode. This is the point where he feels that the Castlevania series really went downhill.

Wii Salute

The Nintendo 64 makes a brief appearance at the end saying the “Get N or get out!” tagline.

Killer Instinct Memories

He talks about his anticipation of Killer Instinct for the Nintendo 64, and he also comments on the naming and delays of the Ultra 64.

Bonus AVGN episode: Elmo’s Number Journey

This is the bonus episode given to fans who donated towards the production of the AVGN Movie. It’s a short episode that didn’t really have a lot of effort put into it but it’s alright as a bonus.

Angry Nintendo Nerd on Screwattack’s Toilet Tuesday

A re-enactment of the famous Nintendo 64 kid’s reaction, played just for laughs. Not really an episode.

Episode 44: Doublevision (Part 1) Intellivision

At about 0:18, there’s a brief moment in the opening song sequence where he gives his angry face look to Mischief Makers on the N64. James got a lot of flak for this because it looked like he hated on a good game, where in reality he didn’t really play the game, he just had it lying around and used it for the shot.

James & Mike Mondays: Pilotwings

A game that James used to rent a lot. Gotta hit that whale!

James & Mike Mondays: Paperboy (N64)

Not really much to say about this. It’s Paperboy.

James & Mike Mondays: Daikatana (N64)

James and Mike try to get past a gate in the Nintendo 64 version of Daikatana.

James & Mike Mondays: Excitebike 64 (N64)

James and Mike play excitebike on the N64.

Now the rest of these are Mike Matei only, but I still count them for the sake of completion.

Mike Reviews South Park

This isn’t done by James, but by Mike Matei. He reviews the three Nintendo 64 South Park games.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches N64 by Mike Matei

Motherfucker Mike has a look at a few glitches that you can try in Ocarina of Time.

Super Mario 64 Glitches with Mike Matei

Some more glitches. If you want to be impressed, watch 120 star speedrun.

Mike Matei does Super Smash Bros (N64) Glitches

Another video exploiting glitches, this time with the first Super Smash Bros game.

Banjo-Tooie N64 Glitches

I never realised there were this many glitch videos made by this guy. Any way, here is the Banjo Tooie one.

James’ N64 collection

Not really a video, but for the sake of completion I’ll include a link to a list of James’ Nintendo 64 collection.

Articles across the web

Here is a full list of all the Nintendo 64 games that James Rolfe has looked at, whether he did it as the AVGN or as himself.
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