8 Nintendo 64 reboots by Dorkly

I came across this list of the top 8 games on the N64 that deserve a reboot by Andrew Bridgman. Let’s go through the list of reboots that he wants to be made. Just as a side note, I’d like to mention that this list could have been renamed “8 nintendo 64 games that haven’t had a sequel made since then”, since it applies to most of the games noted here.

Top 8 reboots

1. Snowboard Kids

Published by Atlus, Snowboard kids is a pretty good game. Following in the same vain as Mario Kart 64 or even Diddy Kong Racing This one did see a sequel in the form of the rare Snowboard Kids 2, but it’s been missing in action ever since. I think that it would be nice to see Mario Kart 8 have some competition in the market.

2. Mischief Makers

This is a puzzle/platform game By Treasure that tops many top hidden gem lists that I’ve seen around the web. I don’t really see how this one would fare in today’s console market as a full-fledged game. It might have some appeal in the indie scene, but I think that Treasure is too big to work in that area.

3. Space Station Silicon Valley

Fair enough, I can’t really blame him for this one. But again, it seems to me that Take 2 is more preoccupied with GTA and all that jazz. They wouldn’t really be interested in developing what would be perceived as a silly kid’s game from the 90’s.

4. Body Harvest

Speaking of GTA and what it did for open world adventures, I think that Body Harvest would fit very nicely within that genre.

5. Blast Corps

Okay, this one might work. But we know that Rare doesn’t give a damn about it.

6. Jet Force Gemini

If this one ever gets remade, I hope they don’t make me hunt down all the Tribals again.

7. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Goemon is the only game on this list that has seen plenty of sequels, but the problem here is that they were all Japanese exclusives since Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon.

8. Pokemon Snap

Masuda already hinted at that a new game might be in the works, you can read about it in my post about the topic.


I think that the only one that has a chance of seeing the light of day is a sequel to Pokemon Snap. Much has changed since the days of the Nintendo 64; Take2 now makes very adult-themed games, Rareware was sold to Microsoft… These are some pretty big barriers when it comes to the chance of these games being made, not to mention lack of consumer demand.

We can still dream though.


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Let's have a look at the top 8 reboots of Nintendo 64 games by Dorkly writer Andrew Bridgman and see whether it makes sense for them to be remade.
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