3D-printed Nintendo 64 Raspberry Pi case

A few weeks ago, someone posted another thing on thingiverse that is related to the Nintendo 64. However, unlike the other ones that I’ve had a look at, this one has actually seen a physical form. Not only that, but the Raspberry Pi case for the Nitnendo 64 is more than just a showpiece, but it has the purpose of housing your Raspberry Pi. I particularly like the 3D-print texture that the final product has, it makes it looks a bit like it has a wood grain feel to it.

Here is what Thingiverse user Fonzman had to say about it:

A Raspberry Pi case shaped like a Nintendo 64. This is a remix of Foolish_Daves model, enhanced to really work as a raspberry case!

Works perfectly with every version of Raspberry Pi B+/2/3, but still no proper closing mechanism. Glue or screw it together.

The window in the top is for some plexiglass and an IR-sensor.

The reset button of the N64 is carved out, but I did not test if it could works as a reset button already. The idea is to mount a dip switch beneath and connect it to the reset-pins of the Raspberry Pi.



raspberry-pi-n64-2 raspberry-pi-n64-3 raspberry-pi-n64-4 raspberry-pi-n64-5

3D-printed Nintendo 64 Raspberry Pi case
3D-printed Nintendo 64 Raspberry Pi case
Thingiverse user Fonzman made a 3D-printable Raspberry Pi case in the shape of the Nintendo 64. It is available for download and printing from the website.

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