007 Goldeneye Dam Level Recreated in Doom

I love me some Goldeneye. I also love me some Doom. Why not take two things that you love and put them together?

Doom modder demo_the_doomer did just that, he recreated the 007 Goldeneye Dam level in the Doom engine. He doesn’t explicitly mention this, but I think that the mod is done on the PC version of Doom, not the N64 one so this means that the level mod is not technically a Nintendo 64 game.

Now, you can see several additions to the doom engine to make it look like the 007 Goldeneye Dam level. Namely the dual silenced pp7 and the KF7 Soviet, the enemies which I think are palette swaps of the Wolfenstein 3d guards, music and sound effects from the original game and of course the level design. Whether or not the textures are ripped from Goldeneye 007 or not is beyond me but it still looks like a decent approximation. Also note that being a mod of doom, there is no need to reload any of your guns… It feels a bit weird seeing those pp7 guns firing indefinitely.

As of now, the game has not been released but the modder demo_the_doomer said that it should be at least 75% complete by now and should be due for public release soon.

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Ever wanted to play the 007 Goldeneye dam level on the Doom engine? Well you'll shortly be able to thanks to the work by modder demo_the_doomer.
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