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David Sanchez from Gamezone wrote a post the other day about whether Lylat Wars (Starfox 64 abroad) is still a good game to play in today’s world in a post he called Star Fox 64: Does It Hold Up? This is part of a series that David is doing on games that hold up

Summary of the article from Gamezone

David starts out the recap by talking about how this is the game that brought force feedback (rumbling / shaking / rustling) to console games. It’s true, Starfox was the game that really brought it to the Nintendo 64 and allowed the rumble feature to be shown full force. Persoanlly, I think that it was a great idea to include the Rumble Pak with the game because it’s something that people can relate to. Anyone who has been on a plane knows what it’s like to get into some turbulence and the Rumble Pak replicates that feeling while playing the game. Since then, pretty much every console that followed included some kind of rumble feature.

He continues the recap by talking about how Starfox 64 was considered to be an instant classic on the N64. I suppose that this is true, can’t really argue with that. He does mention that it is a bit of a short game, especially if you limit yourself to one pathway, but that’s what it’s meant to be. A game with short play times and high scores, the definition of arcade-style gameplay. He then goes on describing how the game plays, not much to comment about there.

The first problem he comes across is that the game is short in that it can be beaten in about an hour. This is true, the game is quite short, but it does have a bit of replayability in the form of alternative routes.

He then talks about the game and says that the graphics and sound do hold up quite a bit. I’d be inclined to agree that they hold up quite well. The main reason behind this is that since most of the characters and enemies are robotic in design, it doesn’t really matter if they are pointy and polygonal.

With regards to the sound, I must say that what I really loved about Lylat Wars back in the day was the voices. It had two sets of voices, one in English and the other in a strange gibberish that I believe was an homage to the SNES game. The script was great; the bad guys always act very cocky until they get destroyed by Fox and his crew in which case you always get some variation of “Nnnnooooooo!!!”. Really satisfying. This is where we disagree, David says that it’s cheesy and the voice acting sounds outdated. I’d argue that that is part of its charm.


David then concludes the recap by saying that it’s definitely worth having a second look because the gameplay is still great and the only negative thing he mentions is that the voice acting is tinny and that the game is a bit short.

While I must say that the game is quite a bit on the short side, the game still holds up in all other departments. I most recently played this game on the 3DS and it looks great there, but it was most definitely not worth the £30 launch price. I got at most 10 hours out of that game. So if you want to play it, get a cheap 3DS one, or get it on the Wii’s VC.Overall, the article is accurate to my opinions of Starfox 64 except the bits about the sound. I’d suggest you have a read through the recap, you might enjoy it.

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Squid has a look at a Starfox/Lylat Wars recap by David Sanchez at Gamezone as to whether the game holds up to today's standards.
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