Lee Garbutt’s N64 Christmas

Just one last N64 christmas post, I promise! So I came across this article by Lee Garbutt detailing the time he got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

The gist of the story is that Lee really wanted a Nintendo 64 for Christmas back in 1997 and his parents got it for him in a sneaky way that would fill anyone with both glee and anger. What happened all those years ago is that he opened a box which had a copy of 007 Goldeneye but he soon found out that they didn’t get him a Nintendo 64 to play it on. About an hour after receiving the shock, his parents called him over again to reveal the final surprise: a brand-new Nintendo 64.

I always love stories about parents being trolls to their kids, I’m just glad that I’m old enough not to fall for their tricks anymore. Well, most of the time at least.


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Let's have a look at an article written by Lee Garbutt about his Christmas back in 1997, where her first got his Nintendo 64 and Goldeneye, shall we?
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